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We are the only kayak shop based in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates UAE that is specialized in kayaks, kayak accessories, kayak fishing gear, kayak upgrades and maintenance. We offer paddle/pedal kayaks, fishing kayaks for sale and rent. Our kayaks are known across the region for being rigid, affordable and full of features. Backed up with our great Maui Team who are experienced and happy to assist beginners and experienced kayakers out there. Visit our shop today and we will make sure to introduce this great sport to you, so you can go out and enjoy the beautiful coastline around the UAE. 

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Buying Kayaks in Dubai and UAE

While there are a few kayak and kayak accessories sellers in Dubai and UAE, Maui Kayak Shop is focused on quality and depending on expertise to serve our clients better. You must do your research before taking such an important decision. Before heading to the open water, make sure you invest in quality kayaks only! You need to know the difference between LDPE and HDPE plastic. They may look the same, but they are completely different. All great kayak brands are made with HDPE plastic, they last longer, they are more rigid and can take a lot of beating. LDPE kayaks have a short lifespan, can crack easy, and cannot stand the high temperatures of our region. Thickness of the hull also matters, we have seen a lot of kayaks with very thin thickness selling in Dubai market, be careful of those! The price may be tempting, but they will surely fail and you will get disappointed! 

With Maui Kayak Shop, you can buy quality kayaks with confidence. Never forget the great product support we have! So, TIGHT LINES