About Us

Maui Kayak Shop was formed by motivated kayak anglers based in the Emirates Of Dubai. We wanted to fill the gap between kayak fishing and  anglers, to create a place where everything related to kayaks is found under one roof.  We are always reachable and available 7 days a week. This is to make sure your needs are met, and your kayak is serviced and ready for your next adventure. We can also extend our services to the rest of the Emirates in the UAE if possible. Kayaks and Accessories sales can be available for international customers. Tight lines!  

The Story Of Our Logo

While every new business struggles to find a successful name and a logo for their brand, we were not any different. We spent weeks doing a lot of brainstorming, asking friends for ideas, and searching online for possible names. None of the names that came up were good enough for the company, until one unexpected moment. The kids were watching a fantastic Disney movie and we got inspired by that same movie! MOANA! 

adventure hq kayak shop

Maui is the half God half-human character, and he is the one that Moana was seeking, to help her restore Tafiti’s Heart. Moana used a kayak with a sail while looking for Maui. She found him, and together they went through a great journey where they restore the heart of Tafiti at the end. One of the best movies by Disney that will last for many years. 

Some of the logo elements were inspired by Moana and we could not be happier! Thank you Disney for the inspiration. Keep making great movies that inspire millions every year.

The Founder


A father in his late 40s, but also an outdoors fan, and an extreme sports addict. He is not only into kayak fishing but he is also a mountain biker, a skydiver, an offroader, a hiker…you name it! Joined the kayak fishing community in late 2017 and did not stop since then. He is one of the key people in developing the kayak fishing community in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. He sponsored the first kayak fishing tournament in Dubai with Dubai Government (DIMC). 

Ismail found no shops supporting the community and that’s when he took a serious step, risked everything, and quit his job just to start Maui Kayak Shop! He is working on making Maui Kayak Shop a one-stop-shop for kayaking and kayak fishing. His passion for the sport is what makes the shop successful! He is determined on bringing the best brands and best kayak accessories to the region. 

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