Lightning Kayaks For Sale


Lightning Kayaks will soon be available for sale in Dubai (UAE) and all the GCC Countries. Exclusive quality kayaks by Maui Kayak Shop. Prices will be announced soon, keep watching this space and follow our social media to stay updated on the progress and the arrival date. We are just as excited as you are. Tight Lines!

Paddle Kayaks For Sale

Why buy Maui Kayaks? We are always focusing on offering great quality kayaks, all of our paddle and pedal kayaks for sale are made with HDPE plastic. They are rigid and will easily compete with many kayaks sold by other international companies around the world. HDPE or High-density polyethylene, make our kayaks very rigid but flexible enough to take impacts. The hulls are also designed to ensure great stability and smooth movement when you’re out there on the water. At Maui Kayak Shop you will find kayaks for sale that not only perform for you but also look fantastic! 

Maui kayaks hulls are under a 2-year warranty*, while pedal drives are covered with one year warranty.  We also offer a unique service exclusively for Maui Kayak Shop Clients, a crash replacement system!  so you can venture out in the wild without having to worry, not even a bit. 

Confused With Your Kayak Choice?

Don’t worry, we’ve helped many. Read more and this may help!