Dubai Kayak Fishing Tournament

The first and the largest kayak fishing tournament has taken place in Dubai on Saturday 21st of November 2020. Successfully organized by DIMC (Dubai International Marine Club) on Jumeirah beach. Over 100 kayak anglers from different nationalities have participated in this unique event. 


Kayak anglers started showing up on the beach as early as 1 am and the event parking was filling up so quickly.DIMC has not spared any efforts to keep everything in order and they were there making sure everything is going smoothly and safely. By 5 am in the morning, all kayak anglers were ready and kayaks were lined up on the beach. A quick briefing was given to the competitors and by 6 am they all launched. 


While everyone was waiting at the beach and at around 2 pm, we saw the first kayak approaching the beach. From that point onwards, a lot of kayaks started to show up one after the other. Catches were coming in and DIMC staff were receiving and weighing every fish. Until one kayak Angler showed up at the beach with his 27.1 KG Cobia Monster. The Philippino angler Boyet has successfully landed the beast all alone and for a Cobia of that size, it is a mission impossible to land on a kayak.


The beast fish was taken to the scale and weighed at 27.1 kg. Boyet has won first place on that day in the heaviest Cobia category. Angelo has won first place in the heaviest King category, he landed a 9.5 kg king. Kayak anglers who were still on the water were not giving up and were trying so hard to beat the score and land heavier fish. Weather and water conditions were not in their favor though. When the 5 pm deadline came, all kayak anglers were out of the water already. That was surely a long day of fishing for everyone. Staying out on the water for as long as 11 hours was an impressive thing to do. They were all champions in our opinion. Well done to all of them. 


The day ended with celebrating the winners and their catches.  Maui Kayak Shop has awarded the first winner with a fantastic pedal fishing kayak (Maui Dolphie 12). Well deserved by Boyet and may he or his friends enjoy it and catch a lot of fish with it. Congrats to Boyet and the rest of the winners in this tournament. More tournaments are coming up this season, and we hope to see everyone soon. 



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