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How to choose a kayak

Whether you are experienced or a beginner, let Maui Kayak Shop team assist you with choosing a kayak for the sport you love or going to love soon. We have a total of 14 models in stock so far and the number is growing. Every kayak is designed to serve a purpose and it’s meant to be used only for that purpose. Before you take that decision, read this article and hopefully, we will help you start a fantastic sport soon. Choose a kayak that is right for you and that you won’t regret later. 


Look for the category that you’re in and find what suggestions we have for you. 



You are looking for a very stable kayak, a kayak to give you balance and confidence on the water. A kayak that lets you venture beyond your limits! Maui 10 is built for you! 

It is spacious, wide and its hull design can carry weight up to 250 KG. Can be equipped with a lot of accessories including fishfinders and electric motors. While Maui 10 is a one-seater pedal fishing kayak and designed to carry one person only, we have seen users carry two or even 3 people on top! But as always, we do not recommend overloading the kayak, use it wisely and exactly for the purpose it was designed for. 

You are looking at the most stable kayak in the world!



VEGA double-seater pedal fishing kayak is based on Maui 10 but with a twist! It is a shapeshifter! Comes in 3 pieces and can be used as a one-seater or two-seater kayak.

It is spacious, wide and its hull design can carry weight up to a whopping 300 KG. Can be equipped with a lot of accessories including fishfinders and electric motors. Vega can fit in the back of your SUV and it is a fantastic family kayak. Use it for fishing or leisure. Cruising along the coast will be outstanding.

VEGA is the Ultimate fun! 



You will need a kayak that is faster than Maui 10 and VEGA, still super stable, and can carry decent weight. Here are a few options for you. 


Striker 12 is a pedal fishing kayak that is also stable and spacious. Great for those who want to take kayak fishing to the next level. Hull weight is light and designed to go faster than Maui 10 and VEGA. It is fully equipped and ready for fishing. Stable enough to pedal through moderate rough water (Never use your kayak on rough water). 

Striker 12 can be carried on a soft rack on top of your car (Sedan and SUV)



Maui 14 is a large and heavy kayak but offers great stability and it’s an excellent fishing kayak too. Might be a bit slow but it can take a total weight of 270kg! 

Equipped with everything you need and has a built-in cooler box! So cool! You can go anywhere with Maui 14, add an electric motor and you can cover more fishing ground in a day. Install an extra small seat for a kid and let them join your adventure. 

Maui 14 needs a trailer to carry the kayak from one destination to another. 



This is the fastest kayak at the intermediate level. Less stable, but you get to use it for sport cruising near the coast. It is also ready for fishing. Great for those who are used to kayaking a bit and know how to keep their balance on top of any kayak. Cover more fishing ground, or check the nearest island to the cost. 

Equipped with fishing rod holders and can be upgraded with a trolling motor.  Can accept the weight of up to 180kg, but never use it to carry two people at the same time.

Can be easily carried on top of your car no matter how small is your car. 



You need TEAMWORK to use this pedal kayak! Get your partner and coordinate your movements together, balance is the key. This is a lot of fun for two adventure-loving souls. Our favorite kayak for cruising along the coast. 

The kayak can sit on top of an SUV or needs a trailer.



These kayaks are meant to be used by more experienced kayakers, those who have knowledge of how to balance a kayak, kayak recovery, and a bit of maintenance. These kayaks are faster and a bit more technical than the rest. 


This is the all-rounder! The kayak has features like no other. Liked by experienced kayak fishermen and has the ability to do everything. It is fast, wide, comfortable, and equipped with everything a fisherman would need. It is less stable than other kayaks in the beginner category but that is because of the hull design and the need for speed. 

Whether you are trolling, jigging, casting, or live-baiting. This is the ultimate fishing kayak for you. Top seller at Maui Kayak Shop too. 

This pedal fishing kayak can carry up to 250kg and can be upgraded with many types of accessories. 

Can be carried on top of your car but a trailer would be a more convenient way to do it. 



The fastest kayak in the whole collection! Made for trolling live bait and dead beat too. The hull design is made to cut through waves easily. You must be good with balancing yourself on a kayak like this. It might be less stable than many kayaks, but hey, GO FAST. It does not even need an electric motor. Cover more distance and more fishing ground with this awesome kayak! 

Lightweight and can handle up to 180 kg weight. Can be easily loaded on top of a sedan car or an SUV. 



A great kayak for those who love sailing and using the power of the wind to venture out and about on the water. Go where no other kayaks can. This kayak is not for everyone, needs practice and patience to master. Some use this kayak for camping! Add a tent on the top and have a blast! 

Anantara 1 is fast and super stable. Needs a trailer to carry around. 


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