Advanced Kayak Fishing Courses In Dubai

While fishing from your kayak can be a lot of fun, relaxing and maybe full of adrenaline in the same time. It is very important that you start the sport fully aware of it’s basics, requirements and dangers.  Enroll with the only kayak fishing course in Dubai and the UAE, and learn kayak fishing from the pros. 

Why Do Do You Need A Kayak Course?

A very simple question that has a very simple one word  answer! SAFETY

The sea can be dangerous, marine life can be dangerous, and the weather can be very dangerous. 

The Program:
  • Choosing the right kayak for you
  • Balancing on your kayak
  • Kayak clothing  
  • Paddling technique
  • Turning and steering your kayak
  • Self-rescues
  • Rigging your kayak
  • Effective set up for fishing
  • Gain an understanding of the behavior of local fish species and correct fishing technique
  • Planning and trip management
  • Sustainable fishing and marine life care
Reasons To Enroll 
  • Learn in a day what took others years to learn (SECRETS…SECRETS).
  • Save money by learning to avoid novice mistakes that cost a lot of money
  • Increase your confidence with the ability to competently perform basic sea kayaking rescues.
  • Start with good habits and avoid having to get rid of bad habits later on.
  • Some stuff is just to hard to learn from books. 
What Is Special About Kayak Fishing?
  • Great FUN
  • Healthy life style
  • Bonding with nature
  • Massive relieve from everyday city life stress and work
  • Catch fish, eat fresh
Equipment Included In The Program
  • Pedal or paddle fishing kayak
  • Life jacket
  • Basic fishing equipment


1,000/- AED per person. 

Terms & Conditions:
  • The course duration is 3 to 4 hours. A bonus 2 hour fishing will be granted after the training.
  • A maximum number of 2 students can be accepted in one session. 
  • You must always follow the guidance and instructions given to you by the instructor. 
  • Instructor reserve  the right to stop the training or cancel the session when he detects dangers or problems. 
  • Booking date and time might get cancelled or changed depending on the weather condition.

Customer Reviews

Ahmed Arafa
Google Reviews
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I have been thinking to try kayak fishing for few years now but wanted to learn it first from a true professional. I was very lucky to learn from Ismail (owner of Maui Kayak Shop). He gave me an outstanding training session on the weekend on kayaks fundamentals, safety and regulations as well as the kayak fishing techniques, secrets and how to locate fishing spots. I searched these topics before on internet and you will not find what he is teaching written. On the personal level, he is a true gem, authentic and cares very much about people, environment, sustainability, safety and regulations. Cannot wait for my next session with him to teach me live bait fishing and hopefully will share with you photo of my first big fish catch soon !!!

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