Kayaking in Dubai


Kayaking is taking the world by storm recently. It offers everyone the chance to escape their daily life routine and city stress, you basically set foot on the kayak and you never look back. Slowly slowly, the only sounds you will hear are the water, the birds, and sometimes the fish jumping near your kayak. Dubai and generally all the cities in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) are known for being serious and work-focused. They are constantly under development and work is very demanding for everyone. Residents usually look for entertainment during their weekends and maybe some adventure. This is where kayaking came in and changed many residents’ lives! 

Kayaking in Dubai can generate a lot of adrenaline, something way beyond your imagination. Dubai shores are simply stunning and the city skyline view from the sea is something to remember for a very long time. With Burj Khalifa penetrating the skyscrapers like a spaceship from a Sci-Fi movie, makes an outstanding scene for a perfect photograph. 


While the rules are not yet set for kayaking in Dubai, many thrill-seekers are now investing in a kayak, a standup paddleboard, a jet ski, or even a boat. The majority are choosing kayaks over everything else because of the following reasons: 

  1. Kayaks are affordable
  2. Kayaks are low in maintenance
  3. Kayaks are easy to carry
  4. You can launch your kayak from any beach
  5. Kayaks are now upgradable

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Restricted Areas For Kayaking in Dubai

Before you go kayaking in Dubai, you should be aware of the restricted areas where you can not enter with your kayak. Dubai’s coastline is full of private beaches and islands owned by VIPs. These areas are protected by the government (Police and coastguards). You should avoid going beyond the yellow buoys where it clearly states NO ENTRY. You could put yourself in serious trouble or pay heavy fines. Here is a map that shows some of the restricted areas for us kayakers. 


Kayak Safety

While kayaking in the UAE is fantastic and unique, it does come with a few dangers. You are venturing into the open sea and the sea is not safe if you don’t take the right measurements and precautions.

Here are a few things you need to do before you launch:

  1. Wear your life jacket (PFD)
  2. Do not go alone
  3. Your kayak must be well maintained and fully checked
  4. Take your phone with you
  5. Wear sunscreen as Dubai does get hot
  6. Secure your paddle to the kayak with a leash
  7. Take enough water with you
  8. You should be in good physical shape 
  9. Don’t go too far
  10. Check on your partner all the time
  11. Keep your eyes open and watch for speeding jet skies and boats
  12. Add a flag pole to your kayak if possible to increase your visibility to others
  13. Head back to shore if you feel tired
  14. Do not launch if the sea condition is bad. 

Numbers to call in case of emergencies:

996 for Coastguards

999 for Police