Fusion ActiveSafe

Portable water-resistant storage case for your valuables
  • Engineered to protect your compatible smartphone, bank cards, keys, and other valuables when you’re on the water
  • Integrates perfectly onto any FUSION Puck™ mounting solution, ensuring you don’t lose your valuables overboard
  • Completely watertight storage case and it floats — even when attached to the StereoActive portable stereo
  • Once attached to your boat, paddleboard, kayak, or whirlpool spa, StereoActive will mount on top, giving you a tidy stereo and storage case combo

AED 387

Need a safe place to keep your phone and car keys while on the water? ActiveSafe is a storage case that floats! It keeps your valuables protected and dry while you’re outdoors — whether used separately or attached to the StereoActive. Now you can have peace of mind while you spend the day outside.

Engineered for a life of adventure

The ActiveSafe storage case is designed and engineered for the water sports enthusiast. An understanding of environmental conditions that ActiveSafe will be exposed to has influenced its design, materials, construction, and engineering process. The result is a rugged storage case — water-rated to IPX7 — that gives you confidence your valuables will be protected while you get out there and do what you love.

Protect your valuables with confidence

When engaged, the 4 industrial clips provide a compression seal that ensures water tightness and security of your valuables inside ActiveSafe. The padded silicon interior liner provides extra impact resistance and helps prevent your valuables from being damaged or rattled around inside the case.

Secure mounting, anywhere

The unique FUSION Puck mounting system enables quick, secure mounting of ActiveSafe to any paddleboard, kayak, boat, whirlpool spa, or even your 4 wheeler — leaving you to enjoy your experience rather than worrying about your valuables floating away. You’ll have confidence that you can truly mount your ActiveSafe storage case anywhere.

Dimensions: Front width: 237 mm, Back width: 169 mm, Height: 46 mm


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