High Buoyancy Life Vest PFD

Inflatable Life Jacket for kayaks and water sports “Adult Lifejacket”

AED 300

This is a unique life-saving vest or PFD for kayak anglers. It is lightweight, and small in size but offers high buoyancy and keeps your body exposed to more air to reduce heat.  It is worth every dirham spent and it’s certainly worth buying!

The vest features the following:

  • Automatic inflation when falling into the water
  • 3 seconds only until fully inflated
  • Reusable (Unlimited times)
  • Manual inflation
  • Universal adjustable size
  • Water repellent high-quality material
  • Emergency Lifesaving whistle
  • One way blowing tube (Blow the vest with your mouth)
  • Reflective strips
  • High-Quality Buckle
  • Breathable mesh cloth

No money is worth your life! Don’t buy low-quality life vests. Buy this vest with confidence.


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